Is Your  Website Powerful? Use this powerful tool to list your Home, Houses,MLS listings Sarasota Florida
A Website is a powerful, resourceful, low cost, low maintenance tool to sell your product and services. And most important, it is reached worldwide.
If focused and marketed properly a website can bring a huge amount of traffic and sales.
Is your Website focused on the purpose?
Does your Website bring in traffic
Does your Website convert visitors to customers?
Most of the time we have a well designed website with flashy and latest technology but forget the goal.

Instead of focusing on Customers needs and requirement, most websites focus all about themselves. They boast about their service, products etc etc, but what is the potential customer going to get from that? A potential customer will not concentrate on this. They want solutions, answers for their questions.
Does your Website give answers, solutions?
If you are selling Flowers online, your site should focus on tips about Flowers so that your target market can use.
Have a chat room, message board about your product and service. If you are selling homes, have listings,easy to find listings and more
Allow visitors to interact. Publish articles, Send newsletters, tutorials, Press releases, brochures and other materials. By doing that, the visitors who visit your site come often to your site and look for more updates whenever they remember.
Update your Website on a regular basis. Create a Blog.
What are the visitors look for?
Do they look for quality content, which gives answers to their questions or do they look for the animations, graphics? What would you look for, if you want to buy products or services online? Everyone wants answers and solutions.
Attract Potential Visitors to your Site.
Offer several related links like Blogs, Message Boards, Tutorials
Ask visitors to sign up for your Newsletters
Make your website easy to Navigate
Remind visitors to bookmark your site
Have a link exchange program
Update your site
Check for broken links
Include article, press releases


Paul Collins

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